About Us

Who are we?

Waltham Forest Immigration Bureau (WFIB) is a community-based practice providing legal advice and representation on UK asylum, immigration and nationality matters. We provide a range of service that you require, allowing you to remain in control of the cost involved. We have over 14 years experience helping people around the globe. Whether you are already in the UK and seeking ways to legalise your stay or if you intend to come to the UK – we work alongside you, every step of the way.

Our Policy

WFIB aims to deliver . . . “highest standards of excellence by using new and innovative approaches to business in line with client needs.”

WFIB puts our clients first. We truly believe that they are lifeline for a long and successful reputation. We strive to do more than just operate a business we aim to become an established part of the community, helping those around us with our expertise and resources.

Our ethical approach helps us to maintain excellent client relationships which are complimented by the use of new and innovative approaches to business, ensuring that we meet the demands of a competitive market and consistently outperform our local competitors.


At WFIB we provide immigration service in 4 difference methods that best suit you:

  • Full Representation

    As part of our ongoing commitment to provide value for money, we provide tailored service packages so that you only pay us for help you need.

    We provide a detailed one-off advice session on all asylum, immigration & nationality queries you may have. We first listen to the questions and queries you have and ensure to make a keep a note of them. We then proceed to look any paperwork that you bring to show us.

    Having considered the above we then provide you detailed advice on the circumstances presented to us. Where possible, we will ensure to provide you with various options and then we provide our recommendations on the best course of action available. On most occasions we will also try to provide you with our indication of success rates on the options we have presented. The final choice is then left for you consider.

    We hope that by the end of this detailed advice session, you will be well informed on your original query and of possible future actions for further consideration. No further obligation rests with either yourself or us. However, you may then instruct us to conduct further work if you are content with advice and service we provided.

    Full Representation

    This is our complete advice/ representation package. Including the above, we take care of your case from beginning to the end. Regardless of the level work involved between you and us or us and a third party relating to your case (eg. the Home Office), we take care of it all at no extra cost.

    Our full representation fees are at a fixed price per matter instructed. You will be clear from the beginning how much the legal fees will be. No unexpected surprises on our costs, just complete transparency so that you can manage your finances from the very offset.

  • Advocacy

    We pride ourselves in our appeal and bail hearing advocacy success rates. It is often that legal representatives are appointed close to appeal hearing dates. If you are in a similar position, we will only charge for the specific task of advocacy at the tribunals.

    We also provide a standalone tribunal representation for hearings as long as we are given reasonable time to prepare before the hearing. We advocate on cases referred to us by other representatives to appear at for hearings too! Well-prepared cases and comprehensive advocacy at a court of law is vital for a successful outcome. That’s what we do best.

  • Outreach Visits

    We know life is hectic so why make it more difficult?! Instead of trying to find the time to come to us, we can come to you! We can make arrangements to see you at a suitable location of your choice. At a reasonable distance within Waltham Forest, Harringay, Newham and Redbridge we will only charge the cost of travel in addition to our fees that are payable before our attendance.

  • Document Checking

    If you thinking of arranging and submitting an immigration application or an appeal yourself, you can arrange a document checking service from us. Book an appointment to see us and we will sit down with you and see your completed application form along with the evidence that you intend to submit.

    We will provide you our professional opinion whether your application meets the minimum requirements and also if appears to be adequately prepared. This service is unlike the Post Office or local authority checking services. We simply provide our opinion based on our years of experience and provide useful tips to follow before submission.


WFIB is looking to revolutionise the legal services area by making it customer service orientated and value for money. We are working to a strict business plan that will ensure quality in the delivery of all our services. We plan to concentrate on our core services in the next two years to consolidate the needs of our clients in line with growth.


We are currently accredited by the Offices of Immigration Service Commissioner and are accredited to Level 3 status that allows us to represent up to Tribunal level. This allows the company to offer advice and services on the following categories:


  • Holiday working visa
  • EEA Residence permit
  • Student visa and appeals
  • Sponsorship
  • Visitors Visa
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship
  • Appeals


  • Work permits
  • EEA application
  • Ankara Agreement scheme
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)
  • Business Visa

We are also fully qualified to represent clients at the FTT & UT providing a complete service.

Working to help the community

WFIB prides itself on its commitment to the community and has introduced a drop in session from 5.00pm-6.30pm every Friday. At these sessions telephone advice is given free for the first 30 minutes. Time is restricted as these sessions tend to be very popular.

The Immigration department has decided to make these session by appointment only. This is to allow us to maintain an excellent service and provided everyone with an equal opportunity to take advantage of this advice. Immigration matters may affect a person’s liberty for that reason it is crucial that we are prudent when giving advice.